Handling Rolls of Fabrics

Sound Control Surfaces is a specialist is absorbing airborne acoustic noise in many applications.  The company approached M J Products to reduce manual handling of long rolls of fabrics and materials from delivery and goods inwards, onto cutting machines.

The company uses 3m rolls of specialist materials in the production of sound absorption systems.  The rolls can weight in excess of 100 kg each and are difficult to handle manually.

M J Products designed and manufactured a suitable Easylifter which is capable of handling rolls up to 250kg in weight to a height of 1m.   It is a narrow foot print design with 4 swivel castors, allowing rolls to be traversed lengthways in the factory and through doorways.

Rolls can be rolled from the floor onto the lifter, with the aid of loading straps, which can then be used to secure the load during transit.

Bespoke large fabric roll lifting equipment

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