Cost Effective By Design

Huge Savings Compared to Battery Powered

Our pump technology is faster and our equipment is lighter and more agile than battery powered devices in many applications.
Our handling equipment is designed and validated for your exacting requirements, so there are no unnecessary elements and extra weight to push around.
Products can be designed with accessories for multi-purpose use, without the need for additional equipment.
No heavy batteries, no excessive guarding for moving parts, no oily chains or wire ropes.  Just clean, energy free, direct lifting with a simple foot operation.
This attention to detail results in a cost effective solution at a fraction of an electrically powered device, and in many applications, is quicker and  easier to use. And there’s no recharging of batteries.   And no need to regulate the product and control its safe use to the same extent as a powered device.

That’s cost effective…

It costs nothing at all to ask the team at M J Products if we can solve your handling solution cost effectively.