Pump Technology

Patented Manual Pump Lifting Technology

Innovative pump technology for lifters

  • Using other lift pumps in the market, you will typically press the foot pedal 15 times for every 300mm or foot of lift of the forks. With DuoPump you will be there in 2 to 3 presses. Rapid by comparison. Just watch the videos to see how fast this really is.

    Key Features

    • Rapid lift up to 300mm per pedal stroke
    • Lift up to 1000kg
    • Automatic load sensing technology
    • Foldaway pedal
    • Built in overload protection
    • Fully sealed maintenance free unit.
    • All in-line construction
    • Different mounting options available

    Conventional foot operated hydraulic lift pumps are available in the market, however, they have major drawback, in that their lift speeds are determined by the maximum load they are required to lift.

  • From this shortfall in performance, DuoPump technology was invented.

    DuoPump uses a two speed, in-line pump system that ‘senses’ the load and automatically adjusts its lift speed accordingly.

    This gives a solution which is still able to lift the maximum load at the conventional speeds, however, when there is a reduced load on the device, the pump system automatically increases the lift rate by up to 6 times faster than conventional rates.

    The whole unit is maintenance free and sealed preventing oil escape or dirt ingress.

    The pump unit is housed in a compact in line manifold at the base of the main ram and comes complete with a robust folding foot pedal.

    If you are interested in the DuoPump for installation in your own applications, please get in touch.

Foot Pump action pallet lifter