Picking Solutions

Special trolleys, mobile picking stations and merchandising carts – designed bespoke to suit the individual customer requirements.

Picking & Tote Handling Trolley

Our picking solutions exist to make ease of handling multiple smaller containers. These systems provide convenient and efficient stock replenishment or order picking at a comfortable working height, while doubling up as a lifting device to stack and de-stack containers in a staging area for delivery or back into storage.

For smaller and satellite warehouse operations, manually operated lifters offer a significant cost saving over powered lifting equipment.  In many cases, the use of our DuoPump manually powered equipment is faster and easier than a more expensive battery powered devices.  Manually powered lifters and also much lighter and easier to move and can turn in narrow aisles safely and easily.

Because our devices are manually operated and lightweight, they can also be used in stores and other public areas, with reduced safety precautions when compared to electric powered devices.

All our lifting and handling products are designed and manufactured in the UK.  Contact us with your application and we will recommend or develop an exacting solution for your requirements.

Picking & Tote Handling