Tote & Container Handling

TL Series lifters are an efficient solution to eliminate the double handling of totes and containers from pallets, dollies, shelving or floor storage.

 Tote & Container Collage

Designed for a range of totes and attached lid containers, our TL series lifters are an intuitive handling solution to heavily reduce or otherwise eliminate manual handling of box type loads.

Versions to suit single stacked, double stacked and multiple layered applications. Bespoke sizes and configurations available to work with your existing containers and equipment.

Businesses commonly transport and handle multiple containers of these shapes and sizes. TL series lifters make ease of loading and unloading multiple stacked containers, with no manual lifting and no other equipment required, increasing time efficiency and easing the workload.

Ideal for:

  • Half-pallet HogBox containers
  • Tote bins
  • Open top picking crates
  • Stackable boxes
  • Attached lid containers
  • Toolboxes and trays
  • Pre-loaded container trolleys

TL series lifters consist of a slimline trolley and forks to slide underneath or on the outer part of a container, which can lift from lipped edges or from the underside, depending on the style.

Because our devices are manually operated and lightweight, they can also be used in stores and other public areas, with reduced safety precautions when compared to electric powered devices.

All our lifting and handling products are designed and manufactured in the UK.  Contact us with your application and we will recommend or develop an exacting solution for your requirements.